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B&T Bearing Inc - Ball Transfer Units & Cargo Handling Equipment
About Us
Who We Are

B&T Bearing Inc. focuses on design, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of Ball Transfer Units (BTUs), Casters, Rollers and other cargo handling equipment.

At B&T, we live and breathe dependability, strength, fun and fairness. Thatís our trademark and all of our products are stamped with it. We never compromise quality, passion or integrity. We engineer and manufacture all products with deep precision and know-how, creating a perfect a balance of technology and effectiveness.

B&T Bearing Inc. is a Woman Owned Business.

B&T Bearing Inc
What We Do

B&T Bearing Inc. offers various products for Cargo Handling, Ground Support, Conveyor & Conveying Equipment, Air Courier, Transportation, Warehousing, Industrial Machinery & Equipment and General Contracting applications, which enable you to move loads safely and quickly. We manufacture both industry standard products, which are completely interchangeable with most other products in cargo handling applications, as well as custom-made products to meet your specific needs. Through our partner B&T Associates Inc, we offer a number of custom services related to Cargo Handling, Machining and Product Support.

  • Heavy-Duty Ball Transfer Units
  • Light-Duty Ball Transfer Units
  • Container Stops
  • Casters
  • Rollers
  • Replacement & Spare Parts

  • Assembly Work
  • Subassembly Work
  • Aftermarket Kit Packaging
  • CNC Milling
  • CNC Turning
  • CNC Plasma Cutting
  • Manual Machining
B&T Bearing Inc
How We Do It

As a company we are strong. We’ve proven ourselves and our products in the industry by focusing on manufacturing durable high-quality products. On average, our BTUs outlast the competition by 2 to 1.

As a company we are dependable. We believe in giving our customers what they need, how they need it and when they need it. At B&T, reliability is not a desire, but a standard. Just ask our customers, they’ll be more than glad to tell you.

As a company we are fair. We tell our customers how it is, without holding back. We treat them as we like to be treated, justly and fairly. Our excellent customer service record demonstrates that.

As a company we are fun. We’re relaxed and focused. We create an environment of excitement for our employees and customers by organizing anything from company outings to motorcycle racing events. Our motto is, if you don’t have fun at what you do, why do it?

B&T Bearing Inc
What Sets Us Apart

We are committed to delivering the highest quality product with first-class customer service, while providing a good environment for our employees and experience for customers.

Our BTUs are made with the greatest care and precision as well as composed of top-of-the-line materials, so your cargo rolls on!

We know bearings inside and out. We manually check each and every bearing to insure product quality. When it rolls right, that’s music to our ears. Some even call it a symphony.

Let your cargo roll on… us!™

We buy back your used Heavy-Duty (Drop-In) BTUs. When you buy BTUs from us, we buy from you. So don’t throw them out, roll them our way!

To find out more about our USED BTU BUY-BACK option, please see the Promotions and Terms section or contact our sales department at or 1-866-922-0010.

We package our BTUs with you in mind. We ship them in buckets, so it’s more convenient for you to carry!

B&T Bearing Inc
Company Spirit

Enthusiasm is our signature.

We put in zest in everything that we do, during working hours and after. A motorcycle on the open road is the way we live. However, we don’t call ourselves bikers, but rather motorcycle enthusiasts. On a nice day, our suppliers and clients are not surprised to see us ride up on a bike when we come in for a visit nor are they surprised when they get an invitation to one of our company racing events. Actually, many look forward to such outings.

Equality and evenhandedness are just as important for us as enthusiasm.

At B&T, no one stands on false pedestals and every opinion is carefully heard. From our President to the part-time employee, everyone knows how to make a bearing. And from our President to the part-time employee, everyone knows how to ride a bike. Those who don’t are learning fast!

Here are some pictures from our racing events. For those of you who attended our last outing, thank you and see you next time!

Roger Lee Hayden Nicky Hayden Tommy Hayden
Roger Lee Hayden Nicky Hayden Tommy Hayden
B&T Bearing Inc
Partners & Distributors

Partnership is the key to working well with B&T Bearing Inc. We treat our customers and distributors as partners. This approach is the key to our success as well as their success.

When you are our customer, be prepared to be treated with the highest level of respect and customer service. Small and large customers alike are treated in the same manner; fairly and kindly. To join our customer group, please contact our sales department at

We are currently seeking and evaluating new distributors for our ball transfer units. When you carry our ball transfer units, you have the option of putting your name and contact information on our products. This will help you establish your company name in the industry. For more information about this option and if you qualify to be a distributor for B&T Bearing Inc., please contact our sales department at
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